Very Large PituitaryTumor

بیمار آقای ۳۲ ساله با مشکل تاری دید چشم راست به مدت شش ماه به دکتر گیو شریفی مراجعه کردند. بعد از ام ار ای توده ایی عظیم در ناحیه هیپوفیز بیمار دیده میشد که ...

The patient is a 23 years old man that his right eye was blurry for 6 month. MRI shows a big tumor at pituitary. The tumor was very big so we use two step operation.

Doctor G. Sharifi neurosurgeon operate this patient in two step. Techniqe for the first operation was endoscopic and Second operation technique was craniotomy. The tumor drained compeletly and surgery was successful.

Preoperative Imaging:

Postoperative Imaging

amir bigdeli
amir bigdeli
it manager in paytakht medical imaging center

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